Miami Zoo

The Miami Zoo goes much beyond those zoos that, sadly, keep their animals confined to small spaces. Here the animals are free to roam.

The zoo is more than 100 hectares of forests and meadows where around 800 different species are kept in a natural environment.

Animals in the Miami Zoo

There are Bengal tigets, African lions, black rhinos, African elephants, boar, gorillas, camels, hyenas, kangaroos, leopards, koalas, leopards, or giant turtles throughout the Miami Zoo.

And another interesting part of the zoo is the farm, where you can stroke the animals and even feed them!


The Miami Zoo is too large to explore by foot. Luckily this is no problem, and there are several different ways to make the visit more comfortable:

  • Monorail: this is the most comfortable way to explore the zoo from up high (and with air conditioning) you can get on and off as many times as you like, paying $3 per person.
  • Safari Tram Tours: Another way of getting around is by using the tram to get from one animal enclosure to another. The price of this is $4.95 per person.
  • Pedal Cars: The healthiest, and most fun, way to get around the zoo is to pedal! There are five-person cars available for $26, or eight-person vehicles for $36.

Great, but a little far away

The Miami zoo is a great place to spend a different kind of day, away from the beaches, and especially if you're travelling as a family. The only problem is that it's far out from the centre, meaning that if you don't want to travel far, it will be more practical for you to visit Jungle Island.

If you do decide to visit the Miami Metrozoo, you can take advantage of its location to visit the railroad museum which can be found nearby.


Daily: 10 am to 5 pm


Adults: US$ 22.95
Children 2-12: US$ 18.95
Children under 2: FREE.
7% tax not included.
FREE with the Go Miami Card.

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