Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Centre, in Cape Canaveral is one of NASA's most important strategic bases, along with Houston in Texas.

The Kennedy Space Centre has been in operation since 1962, four years after president Eisenhower signed a law creating NASA.

This has been the departure point for any number of space missions that have changed the course of history.

Visiting the Space Centre

The centre includes a route through which you can get an idea of the work needed to make these rocket launches a reality - with the following sections:

  • International Space Station Center: the International Space Station is the perfect place to see how the real components for the International Space Centre were prepared before it was put into orbit. And it's also possible to visit a mock up to see how the astronauts live and work aboard.
  • Rocket Garden: here you can enter into various rockets to get a first hand idea of the size and layout of these technological wonders, and to confirm how narrow they are!
  • Apollo- Saturn V Center: For those who never thought they would see man walk on the surface of the moon, this centre displays the incredible machines that made the dream a reality.
  • United States Astronaut Hall of Fame: this space pays homage to all the astronauts who ventured into the unknown. On display are a number of personal objects belonging to the astronauts themselves, as well as tens of simulators, where you can feel forces four times the strength of gravity, land a space shuttle, or even drive a vehicle over the rocky terrain of Mars.
  • Shuttle Launch Experience: a space launch simulator, which pales in comparison to the above.
  • IMAX Space Films: with 3D projections of recordings made by NASA astronauts you can feel a little closer to the world outside.

For Space Cadets

If you've ever felt intrigued by outer space, the Kennedy Space Centre is the place for you. You can discover the inner workings of various spacecraft, about the life of an astronaut, and the different space missions over the course of history.

And if you're lucky you may even have the opportunity to be present at a launch. Check the link below to reserve as soon as possible.

Make the most of the trip

If you're going to travel the 360 km that separate Miami and Cape Canaveral, the best options getting there are by car, or by

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And if you haven't rented a car, and want to visit the Space Centre, there are one-day excursions that include transport and entry to the parks. See more about these organised excursions.


Daily from 9 am to 5 pm
Tours begin at 10 am and leave every 15 minutes.


Adults: US$ 57
Children from 3 to 11: US$ 47