Coral Gables

The Coral Gables is a charming neighbourhood is packed with Mediterranean style architecture

Coral Gables is a place that gives the impression that everything is perfect: enormous mansions surrounded by carefully trimmed gardens and perfectly clean streets.

In 1920 a man called George Merrick bought 4,000 hectares of land and looked to take the "City Beautiful movement" to Coral Gables. Today all the neighbours of the area continue this quest, with their impeccable upkeep on their houses and the bushes and lawns of their gardens all trimmed to perfection.

Here are some of the most interesting spots in the area:

  • Biltmore Hotel: Merrick inaugurated this castle-style hotel in 1926, topped by an 18-metre tall tower which imitates the Giralda in Sevilla.
  • Venetian Pool: The huge amount of rock which was extracted for the construction of Coral Gables left behind a large quarry, which was used to create a dream swimming pool, filled with waterfalls and grottoes. Since its creation in 1923, right up until 1986, the pool had no filter, meaning every night it was emptied and the thousands of litres of water were replaced.
  • Miracle Mile: Miracle Mile is one of the main shopping streets in Miami. It can be found between 37th and 42nd avenues in Coral Way, and is full of shops selling tuxedos.

A Unique Neighbourhood

Coral Gables is an unmissable neighbourhood for any visitor to Miami: one of the most special neighbourhoods in the city. You can easily tour its broad avenues by car, and marvel at the enormous mansions.