Cruises from Miami

Cruises from Miami

Every day cruises leave from Miami, on their way to destinations such as the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands.

As well as being Florida's main industrial port, Miami is the world's largest cruise port. Every year this industry generates more than 17 billion dollars, and indirectly or directly provides employment for almost 180,000 people.

Cruises to the Bahamas

Although it's not the only option, for those tourists whose main objective is not a cruise, the Bahamas is the most popular option, due to its duration and price.

Cruises to the Bahams usually take three or four days, making it the ideal escape for a traveller visiting Florida. And prices tend to be cheap, with prices as low as €200 per person, with fees and tips included. 4 days in the Bahamas for €200 is not to be missed!

When reserving your cruise, you should know that the most important islands in the Bahamas are New Providence (with Nassau, the capital) and Grand Bahama (whose capital is Feeeport). And as well as stopping at an island or two, cruises normally stop at a virgin private island, or other popular destinations such as Key West.

Other Destinations

If you have more time (6 or 7 days) and a bigger budget, you can visit places as exotic as George Town (Cayman Islands), Ocho Ríos (Jamaica), Cozumel (Mexico), Belize or Riviera Maya.