Nightlife in Miami

Nightlife in Miami

Miami is known the world over for its non-stop nightlife. If you're looking to party in Miami, you're sure to find bars, clubs and more all around the city.

Where to go out in Miami

The most important centres of nightlife are as follows:

South Beach

South Beach is the most modern area, and where you can find some of Miami's most fashionable clubs. The majority of the party areas can be found on the following streets:

  • Ocean Drive: one of the best places to get the party started. Having eaten on one of the many terraces, you can choose between tens of bars full of likeminded people looking for a fun-filled night. Mango's Tropical Cafe is a good place to start - with a great atmosphere any day of the week.
  • Lincoln Road: a quieter street but with a great vibe, it's full of restaurants and bars where you can stop for a drink
  • Washington Avenue: parallel to Ocean Drive here you can find any number of employees giving out drinks offers and free entry to the pubs and clubs of the area.


And in South Beach you can find the 3 best clubs in Miami:

  • Liv: inside the Fontainebleau hotel, the Liv club is our favourite in Miami. Either the decoration or atmosphere would make it worthwhile alone, but together... you're in for a special night.
  • Story: this club is in the south of South Beach, and is slightly bigger than Liv, but just as recommended. Both great options
  • Icon: on the crossroads of Washington Avenue and Calle 13, icon, the old Mansion, is another of the Miami spots that hasn't gone out of fashion.
  • Another place worth mentioning is Nikki Beach, one of the most famous clubs in the world.

Coconut Grove

If you're looking for a younger, and less elite atmosphere than in Miami Beach, this is for you. A good way to begin the evening is with dinner on Coco Walk, which is full of restaurants.

Then just around the corner, you'll find an area filled with lively bars, where you can head out, above all on Main Highway, Grand Avenue, Commodore Plaza and Fuller Street

Downtown Miami

The very heart of Miami has a number of after-hours spots. This neighbourhood is perhaps less charming, but if you're looking for a party, you can find it in these seemingly deserted streets - such as in the well known club Space.


The best way to save money is by taking advantage of the famous happy hours, where you can enjoy two-for-one offers. But even then, the terraces of South Beach may seem expensive.

Here, the dress code is somewhat stricter than in other places. If you want to avoid rejection, we recommend dress shoes, and a shirt or polo.

You may come across cards such as the Miami Night Life Pass or Miami Party Pass. In theory these cards include free entry to various clubs, as well as drinks and skip the line access, but may end up costing you more. We don't recommend them.