Miami City

Altough Miami Beach is the centre of attention, Miami City is the beating heart of this international metropolis.

In the centre of the city (Miami Downtown), you can find a coming together of tourists, locals and immigrants, above all from Cuba and South America.

Points of Interest

One of the most charming places in the centre is the square outside the Miami-Dade Cultural Center, an oasis of calm where you can find the Historical Museum of Southern Florida and the Miami Art Museum.

Bayside Marketplace, a shopping centre found on Biscayne Bay is probably the most vibrant part of the centre of the city, with a great atmosphere seven days a week

Somewhat Unappealing

The skyscrapers of the financial district are spectacular from a distance, but once you get in amongst them, they don't make for an especially welcoming urban centre. When night falls, the streets are deserted.

One good way to get to know the centre of Miami is to park the car and take the Metromover, a free way to tour the centre without having to park up.