Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

Inaugurated in 1990, the Miami Holocaust Monument is dedicated to the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis in Europe.

It's no coincidence that this monument can be found on Miami Beach, one of the places in the USA with the largest Jewish population.

The Monument

The most striking part of the Miami Holocaust Monument is a 13 metre bronze hand, over which clamber hundreds of tormented human shapes. The figures are carefully sculpted, and in their detail powerfully transmit the despair and anguish of the subject matter.

The monument also includes a dark stone tunnel, with the names of the concentration camps carved into the walls, as a representation of the solitude and isolation the Jews felt during their persecution.

An enormous wall nearby also bears the names of the millions of victims to have died during the atrocity.

A Moving Sight

The monument, created with great precision and feeling, is striking and powerful, enough to bring some visitors to tears.