Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove was an independent City up until 1925, when it became a neighbourhood of Miami City.

Coconut Grove is a neighbourhood known for its tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty. Found near Coral Gables, to the South of Miami, the exuberant vegetation of Coconut Grove mixes with the blue waters of the nearby Biscayne Bay, painting the old houses in an altogether different light.

A Step Back in Time

Around 1800, this magical place attracted artists, musicians and writers with its cheap housing, and in 1884 the first hotel was opened by an English couple, the Bay View House, which was followed by many others when Coconut Grove became one of the best places to spend winter holidays.


CocoWalk is one of the most popular points in Coconut Grove, for tourists and locals alike. This commercial complex; spread over three floors, houses cinemas, shops, cafes, and restaurants of all types.

Not to be missed

Although it may not be the best-known area, Coconut Grove is one of Miami's hidden gems. Don't miss the Biscayne Museum, or a walk along Brickell Street, full of old houses and massive mansions, spend a pleasurable evening along CocoWalk or have a drink in the livelier streets in the neighbourhood.

Coconut Grove is connected to the centre of the city by the Metrorail, with the Vizcaya, Coconut Grove and Douglas Road stations, although perhaps the best idea, if you want to explore the area, would be to rent a car.