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Popular Questions

Pregunta Where is the exact meeting point for my tour or activity? Respuesta Each activity’s meeting point is detailed on the activity page of our website and in the confirmation email you receive once you have booked the activity. If you wish for more information or cannot find the meeting point on the map, please contact the local organizer once you get to the destination. Their phone number is in the confirmation email you receive. Pregunta We’re going to visit other cities, where else do you have tours? Respuesta You can check out our travel guides on Civitatis. Check out all our travel guides on civitatis.com. We offer guided tours, day trips and transfers in most of these destinations, especially in Europe. Pregunta Do you have other tours or activities apart from the ones disclosed in each destination? Respuesta For some destinations we also offer private activities that are not necessarily on our web. In any case, you can check out all our activities on Civitatis. Pregunta Do I need to print my voucher or receipt? Respuesta Some activities require a printed voucher, others can be downloaded on your smartphone, and others don’t require any type of voucher. The activity’s webpage will specify what you need to bring. Pregunta Do the excursions with vehicle always have baby car seats? Respuesta Baby car seats are available in the destinations where it is legally required (in 900f our destinations). When you book the activity, please don’t forget to mention how old your child is in the comments section. Pregunta Do we visit each landmark included in the itinerary? Respuesta In the description part of the activity, we normally mention if you visit a monument or if you just admire it from outside. If it is not specified, it usually means that you’ll only visit the outside of the landmark. Pregunta I need to print my voucher, but I can’t. What should I do? Respuesta In this case, you can contact us and we’ll try and find a solution. Pregunta I don’t know if I’ll get to the tour on time. Will they wait for me if I’m late? Respuesta Regular tours are always on time and it’s impossible to change the schedule. Regarding private tours, if you want to modify the time, you’ll have to check with us before booking the activity.

Booking process

Pregunta Can I buy an activity for another person? Respuesta Of course! Simply enter the person’s information on the checkout page instead of your own. In the payment section, enter your own billing information so that the transaction is successful. Pregunta How can I pay for the activities I’ve booked? Respuesta Our website has an easy to use and intuitive booking system and you’ll be able to pay for your activities safely with Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. You must pay online, as it is impossible to pay your guide directly or once you get to your destination. Pregunta Is my payment secure? Respuesta Yes, our online payment system is 100ecure and encrypted to protect it against fraud and unauthorized transactions. We, Civitatis, never have access to your credit card or bank details. We use Trustwave Trustkeeper, an internationally recognized and secure payment system to process your credit card transactions. Pregunta I booked a tour but have not yet received a booking confirmation email. Respuesta The payment probably didn’t go through and your activities weren’t booked. You should book the activity again and redo the payment process. If you’ve seen that the payment has gone through, maybe the email address was incorrect. In this case, please write to us on the following link: href="https://www.civitatis.com/contact-us"> so we can help. Pregunta Can I book an activity and pay once I get to the destination? Respuesta Some local organizers require their activities to be paid in advance and others just need a deposit, but it’s impossible to book an activity and not pay at least a deposit. Pregunta After I make a booking, how long will I wait to receive my voucher? Respuesta You’ll receive the confirmation email as soon as the payment has come through. If you haven’t received it, it could be because of two reasons:The payment didn’t go through. Please check your bank or PayPal account. Or it could be because you didn’t write your email address correctly. Please send us an email and we’ll solve it as soon as possible. Pregunta In what currency should I pay the activities I’ve booked? Respuesta You can book the activities in Euros, US Dollars or in Sterling Pound? In the top right hand corner of the page you can choose the currency you want. Pregunta Can I reschedule my booking? Respuesta In the following link you can book new activities and modify the dates or times of the activities you’ve already booked. Please note that we can only reschedule an activity according to the tour or activity organizer’s policies and availability. Pregunta Can I purchase other activities directly from the tour guide? Respuesta Civitatis uses a safe and internationally recognized payment system. To maintain this level of security, don’t pay the tour guides directly. You can book most of our activities with very short notice, including from your smartphone. Pregunta Can I change aspects of my reservation after booking? Respuesta The booking confirmation email includes a link where you can modify the reservation. Note that some activities cannot be modified. Each activity, excursion or guided tour has its own conditions. Pregunta What forms of payment do you accept? Respuesta You can pay securely using PayPal or a debit or credit card. Pregunta When I paid with PayPal, they charged me 1 euro/dollar more. Why? Respuesta A 1 euro (dollar) transaction was made to check the validity of the PayPal card. It is then refunded immediately. Pregunta Can I book activities locally or on-site? Respuesta We currently have two tourist information offices in the center of Madrid (Calle Montera, 32 and Calle Coloreros, 2). In our offices, you can book any activity in any of our destinations. You may pay in cash or by card.We don’t have offices in any other destination, so all the other bookings must be made on our Civitatis site.

Reviews and feedback

Pregunta The reviews are too positive. Are they genuine? Respuesta All our reviews are written by our customers who have booked an activity on the Civitatis site: href="https://www.civitatis.com">Civitatis. Once the activity comes to an end, you’ll receive an email in which you can send us your feedback, which we hope will have been fantastic. Pregunta Why isn’t my review published? Respuesta When we receive your feedback, we check it and then publish it as soon as possible. If you need to contact us for another matter which isn’t related to your review, please contact us on: and we’ll be happy to help you. Civitatis reserves the right to delete any review for the following reasons exclusively: - The use of bad or discriminatory language - It includes ads or links to other websites. - It’s not about the activity in question. - The client has made a mistake and has asked us to unpublish the review. Pregunta How can I give feedback about my experience? Respuesta Our raison d’être is your satisfaction. You’ll automatically receive a customer feedback questionnaire as soon as you’ve finished an activity. Help us improve!

Prices and special rates

Pregunta Do you have special deals for public workers or other collectives? Respuesta We’re sorry, we don’t make special deals for collectives. Our prices are the same for all our customers. Pregunta If I book several activities at the same time, can I get a discount? Respuesta Regrettably, we can’t offer any type of discount when you book several activities at the same time, since our prices are always as cheap as possible. We also work with various local organizers and each offers a different service. Pregunta Are there any special rates available for students, seniors or children? Respuesta Special rates depend on our local organizers. You’ll find the information about the prices and special rates on each activity’s webpage. Pregunta If I book several tours or services, will I get a discount? Respuesta We always try and offer the cheapest prices for each activity, so we can’t offer additional discounts if you book more than one tour.

Dates and times

Pregunta How can I check an activity’s availability? Respuesta Once you’ve chosen an activity you like, check the availability calendar on the top left-hand corner where available dates are shown in blue. Pregunta Can this tour or activity be offered at a different date or time? Respuesta Most of our regular activities can be booked as private activities at different dates and times. Although Although, please note that the price is higher, especially for couples or small groups. If the price isn’t specified on our site, contact us for more information. Pregunta Can I do the activity at a different time than the one scheduled? Respuesta We’re sorry, but the activity is only available on the days and scheduled time shown on the website. If you want to do it at another moment, you can check if you can do this activity privately writing us an email: booking@civitatis.com Pregunta Can I book an activity during the Christmas season or on a public holiday? Respuesta Most of our activities are carried out during the Christmas season and on the various public holidays, but each activity has its specific calendar. Check the availability and book as soon as possible. During peak season, activities are quickly sold out. Pregunta In what language is an activity available in? Respuesta Most of our tours and activities have an English-speaking guide or have commentary in English. In any case, the language option is always found on the activity’s information page. Pregunta On what days do the activities take place? Respuesta On the upper left-hand corner of each activities’ webpage is an availability calendar, where the available dates are shown in blue. Pregunta Can I book the activity for a day which isn’t on the calendar? Respuesta The regular excursions are only available on the days that are shown on the calendar. If you want to do it on another day, you could organize a private excursion. If you want to book a private excursion, write us an email on booking@civitatis.com and we’ll answer you as soon as possible. Pregunta Can I book an open-ended activity? Respuesta Unfortunately, most of our activities are not open-ended. Check the dates on the activity’s individual calendar. Pregunta How many days in advance should I book the activity? Respuesta The minimum time to book an activity depends entirely on the activity. The information is found on each activity’s webpage. During summer, Easter, public holidays and weekends, activities quickly sell out, so we recommend you book as soon as possible.

Private tours

Pregunta To book a private tour, is there a minimum of people needed? Respuesta It shouldn’t be a problem to organize a private tour if you are a smaller group than the one published on the website. However, the price will be the same as the smallest private tour available. Pregunta What does price per group mean? Respuesta In some cities, we work with companies that only organize private tours. The price is the same for one person or for various people, since you’ll be paying for the vehicle and the guide. Pregunta Can I join a group to take part in this activity? Respuesta Unfortunately, it is impossible to join a private tour that has already been organized, since these tours are exclusive and private. Pregunta We wish to do an activity on the same day we land at the Airport. Can you collect us directly at the Airport? Respuesta It depends on the activity and it usually implies paying a supplement. We recommend you contact us on the following link: . Pregunta We’re a large group and there aren’t vehicles large enough for such a big group. What can we do? Respuesta If you’re traveling with a large group, please contact us on the following link and we’ll try and help you as soon as possible. Pregunta When a private tour includes hotel pick-up, can you collect us at several hotels? Respuesta There shouldn’t be a problem, unless the hotels are very far from each other. Nevertheless, please ask us before booking the activity on the following link: .


Pregunta Can I cancel my booking? Respuesta Each local organizer has a different cancellation policy, which is shown on the tour or activity page of our website. If you cancel your activity after the deadline and it is due to a serious cause or beyond your control, please contact us on the following link to try and find a solution: Pregunta What is your cancellation policy? Respuesta We always try and maximize the free cancellation period. Nevertheless, each activity and destination is different, so please check each activity’s cancellation policy, shown on the tour or activity page of our website.If you cancel an activity within the “free cancellation period”, you’ll be refunded in the same way you paid. Since it is an automatic operation, it cannot be modified for security reasons. Pregunta What happens if it rains or there is bad weather? Respuesta All activities will take place throughout the year even if it rains. If the weather conditions are extreme (for example a snow storm) and the organizer cancels the tour, you’ll either be refunded immediately or be able to do the activity on another day. Pregunta Can I change the refund payment method if the activity is cancelled? Respuesta If the activity is cancelled or if you cancel it, you’ll be refunded by crediting the same payment method used to book the activity. This operation is automatic and cannot be modified for security reasons. please contact us